Innovative City

Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

The Institute mainly focuses on three core and key technologies in the intelligent manufacturing field […]

Nanjing Institute of Advanced Laser Technology

The Institute established five research and development centers in June 2012, including R&D centers for […]

Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute

The Institute pioneered the architecture of the Service Customized Network (SCN), which can solve the […]

Deutsch-Chinesisches MEMS Smart Sensor Institut

Currently, the Institute provides: development of a variety of intelligent MEMS sensor technologies, development of […]

Membrane Industrial Park Jiangsu

The Membrane Industrial Park Jiangsu mainly focuses on the major demand in the fields of […]

Nanjing University Intelligent Computing Chip Research Institute

In pursuit of developing future super-computing chip architecture and chip autonomy, the Institute is committed […]

Jiangsu Institute of 3D Intelligent Manufacturing

Jiangsu Institute of 3D Intelligent Manufacturing is mainly engaged in research and development focused on […]

Turing Artificial Intelligence Institute

The Turing Artificial Intelligence Institute is committed to providing public technological services through cooperation between […]

CAS Institute of Healthcare Technologies

Based on the three major technological innovations of Wu Jiankang’s team, combined with the achievements […]

Nanjing Zhongshan Virtual Reality Technology Research Institute

The primary technical focuses of the Institute include: VR, AR, holographic imaging, motion capture and […]

Nanjing Gekof Institute of Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment

The institute is committed to resolving current environmental problems such as air, water and soil […]

Novel Research and Development Institute for Patient Derived Model and Drug Screening

The Institute mainly applies new and effective Cas9 gene-targeting technologies optimized by the team to […]